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BGZ Releases WE COUNT! Documenting the 9/11 Health Crisis 8 Years Later

Today at a press conference at Zuccotti Park, right by Ground Zero, BGZ released a report highlighting the city and federal government’s failure to satisfactorily care for thousands of residents of lower Manhattan in the wake of 9/11. BGZ conducted a community health survey that showed that after the towers fell, many residents and workers’ health has severely diminished and that the government’s response has been adequate at best. BGZ developed recommendations for policymakers as important 9/11 health legislation is being debated in both the U.S. House and Senate. Read a copy of the report here:


November 11, 2009
{UK Guardian} 9/11's Delayed Legacy: Cancer for Many of the Rescue Workers
November 6, 2009
{Downtown Express} 9/11 Health Bill
November 3, 2009
{Mount Sinai Press Office} New Mt. Sinai Research Finds 9/11 Responders Twice as Likely to Have Asthma
{U.S. News and World Report} World Trade Center Workers Twice as Likely to Have Asthma
October 30, 2009
{The Chief} Zadroga Bill Priorities: Unions, Activists, Differ
October 26, 2009
{Modern Medicine} GI Disorders in Military, 9/11 Responders Studied
October 23, 2009
{Daily News} Heroism and horror: Detective James Zadroga's sacrifice at WTC must not be in vain
{Daily News} The pain of 9/11 and the days after: Det. James Zadroga's statement to the 9/11 Commission
October 21, 2009
BGZ's Tosh Anderson interviewed on NBC New York!
{NY1} Group Urges Action in Wake of Latest WTC Health Report
{The Epoch Times} Eight Years On and 9/11 Clean-Up Workers Still Coughing
October 13, 2009
{Daily News} Deaths of 9/11 front-liners renew talk of aid bill

{New York Post} Officers who died after 9/11 added to memorial

{Newsday} 3 Long Islanders among those added to NYPD memorial
October 12, 2009
{Daily News}Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days
{Newsday} NYPD first responder remembered at Smithtown funeral
October 11, 2009
{Newsday} Cop who worked at Ground Zero dies of brain tumor
October 9, 2009
{The Chief} Report: Thousands of 9/11 trauma victims not being treated
May 15, 2009
{Downtown Express} Obama puts in $70 Million for 9/11 Health
February 25, 2009
{New York Law Journal} Plan Is Implemented to Resolve Complex Suits in WTC Cleanup
February 4, 2009
9/11 Health Bill Reintroduced in Congress
November 2008
Beyond Ground Zero and 9/11 Environmental Action launch WE COUNT! A 9/11 Community Health Survey

The Beyond Ground Zero Network (BGZ) is a group of community-based organizations that came together shortly after September 11, 2001 to address the severe health and economic impact of the World Trade Center’s collapse on Lower Manhattan’s low-income communities, especially among immigrants in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. BGZ saw that despite the enormous attention given to the post-9/11 recovery effort, the impact on the poorest residents and workers of Chinatown and the Lower East Side remains largely ignored.

By conducting wide-scale surveys of low-income residents and workers in these neighborhoods from 2002 to the present, BGZ discovered that thousands of people are still coping with severe 9/11-related illnesses without access to health care or assistance of any kind. Using a grassroots community-based outreach and educational model to connect underserved communities, BGZ has developed and coordinated strategies to ensure critical and immediate assistance for all low-income individuals affected by 9-11.

BGZ’s member organizations are:

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association
Commission on the Public’s Health System
National Mobilization Against Sweatshops
Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center

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